Healing Ourselves and the Earth: From Massage to Agricultural Consulting


Our three branches of service cultivate and promote synergism between ourselves and our planet

Practices and Services

Wellness through massage

Massage  Cupping Therapy sports massage  positional release Massage Therapy Reno Midtown

Our massage therapy practice cultivates health and well being for every body

Massage Therapy Practice

Branching out

Homestead Arts Workshops recipes beauty and wellness products

Extend the wellness you foster for yourself by becoming a steward of the earth. Support our earth friendly practices of homesteading arts or attend a workshop to cultivate your own practices.

Homestead Arts


Agricultural Consulting Hydroponic Aquaponic controlled environment agriculture automation farming

Our Agricultural Consultations can actualize and deepen your Earth- Stewardship ambitions. Whether you're building a custom backyard greenhouse system or a high-tech commercial production facility, our 10 + years of experience can lend a hand.

Agricultural Consultation

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